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Sometimes business is tough, and sometimes there are situations in business where the best solution is to sit down and discuss the best options to achieve a final solution. One of the key benefits of commercial mediation is that the participants can all work together and discuss the most viable options available to reach a common goal.
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Where Can Commercial Mediation be used?

Mediation can be used in many cases from disputes in the construction industry, commercial and domestic leasing, employment and general contractual disputes through to supply of goods or claims of negligence. It’s your chance to gain control and try to find a solution that doesn’t require court proceedings.

Commercial Mediation a Flexible Process

Mediation can also be used where there is multi party commercial dispute and where the participants in the Mediation all have a common interest in resolving the matter. Fundamental to the process of Mediation is that it is a flexible process that can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

Valuable process

Mediation is being promoted extensively by the Courts and can be used at any stage in proceedings, although the sooner the better. Even in the event that Mediation does not resolve the dispute, it is likely to be a valuable process to undertake, because the parties will be drawn together to consider the progression of their dispute.

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