Divorce Mediation Basildon, Essex

For an effective solution to problems arising from divorce proceedings, the expert team at VoiceLegal is here to guide you through the mediation process at your own pace.
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Divorce mediation can offer many options, possibilities and insights compared to those enforced by a judge in court. Our mediators are all trained solicitors who will walk you through the whole process and ensure everyone reaches a mutual resolution. We offer divorce mediation in Basildon and the surrounding areas, with lawyers available to contact directly by email or telephone.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

VoiceLegal has years of experience helping people in Basildon settle divorce disputes, and while mediation is by no means a ‘quick fix’, we believe it is the best way to preserve relationships long term via a series of structured consultation sessions. We understand that a single phone call will not solve all of your relationship issues; this is why our team of trained professionals recommend scheduling a number of meetings with your mediator, that each last at least an hour and a half. This gives both parties equally opportunity to air their grievances and have their story heard by an impartial third party. Our mediator can then use the information provided during these constructive discussions to suggest potential ways to move forward.

Who Can I Talk To About Mediation In Basildon?

Once you have decided that divorce mediation is the best option for you, professional advice from the team here at Voicelegal is available by phone or email and we will help get the process started. Our mediators are dedicated to finding a solution that both parties are comfortable with and ultimately turning a negative situation into a more positive experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation?

There are many advantages to mediation as it is a tool specially designed to help you explore a range of options for your particular relationship needs. Divorce mediation provides assistance in many areas, such as offering advice relating to siblings and financial arrangements, allowing you to remain in control and gain a clear understanding of the steps needed to arrive at a positive outcome.

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