Divorce Mediation Southend, Essex

Sometimes when your relationship or marriage has completely broken down and the advice from family and close friends helps but just doesn’t tick all of the boxes Mediation can sometimes be the best source for a final resolution.
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What is Divorce Mediation?

Relationship mediation in many cases will steer you on the right road, our experts are here to provide you with options, insights and the best possibilities available to you and your family, working throughout the Essex area.


Divorce Mediation in Essex - How does it work?

With many years experience helping people in the local Southend and wider Essex area, it’s important to appreciate that divorce mediation is not a quick fix, its not a case of having a phone call or a one off consultation that then resolves all of your relationship issues. Divorce mediation is a process that is set out over a number of sessions all scheduled in advance, each session lasting approximately an hour and half and within the planned consultations our expert mediators are there to make sure that your discussion is constructive and that each individual involved in the meeting has their say. Our mediator is here to make sure that your discussions are constructive.   

Divorce mediation in Southend, Essex

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I Want to Explore Divorce Mediation – What do I do now?

If you have concluded that you have explored all avenues and now require professional advice the next step is easy. Simply contact one of our experts today and you will start to process that in most cases will turn what seems a negative situation into a positive solution. 


The simple response to this is yes. Mediation is here to provide you with a positive outcome; it is designed to help you explore all possible options available to your relationship. You can mediate on everything from finance arrangements, and advice relating to siblings. With mediation you are in control. The process will help you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to provide you with the most positive outcome.

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