Mediation Family Law

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Mediation Family Law

We actively encourage our clients to consider Mediation, Offering many differing forms of mediation services including family mediation, workplace and commercial mediation and divorce mediation and resolution from our Southend, Essex offices for consultations and offering advice via telephone or email, Voicelegal offer alternative mediation, resolution and collaborative Law as a quick and cost effective way to reach a settlement, together. It puts you in control, avoiding a decision being imposed by a court, and vitally is more likely to maintain positive relationships, be they business or personal. The aim of our team is to achieve the best outcome for your family or business, and we place fairness, transparency and the aim of finding a practical settlement that preserves relationships at the heart of our service to you. We offer our services throughout Essex and the wider area including Basildon, Southend, Westcliff on sea and more.

Mediation & Family Law

Family mediation has become an extremely popular tool for handling disagreements after the breakdown of a relationship. As a simple yet effective method of settling grievances without dealing with the courts, mediation is confidential, fast, and economical.

Family mediation is an approach used in settling family conflicts which have arisen after a after separation/divorce or a family dispute. The service of a qualified mediator is employed to act as an unbiased third party and will assist with negotiating disputes with families, or any group of individuals who are in conflict.

Issues that could be tackled in mediation discussions can cover issues such as property and possessions, arrangements concerning finances as well as arrangements for children.

Families can fall into conflict for many reasons. For instance, conflict can arise over what to do about aging parents, the kids may keep in mind that their parents are becoming too old to safely live an independent life while their parents may want to remain in their home and so on. Whatever the nature of the dispute, family mediation provides an amazing transformative economical process of handling disagreements. The process starts once a mediator has been contacted and you don’t need a solicitor to refer you. The mediator will liaise with everyone to see if mediation will help and if so, the mediator will arrange the first meeting.  Contact our mediators direct, to find out more..

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