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At Voicelegal we are aware just how important a peaceful enjoyable working environment is, and if something happens to disturb this, balance can be restored through workplace mediation.
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What is Workplace Mediation?

We actively encourage mediation when a dispute arises in the workplace, as it provides both parties with an opportunity to give a truthful, open account of the situation to one of our impartial, highly trained workplace mediators.

What does Workplace Mediation involve?

A series of meetings will be scheduled by your mediator and everybody involved is then given the opportunity to air their grievances. Together you have a chance to work towards a mutual resolution, which suits both parties.

What is the first step of mediation?

A positive outcome is achieved by attending a set of facilitated and structured meetings with an unbiased mediator who, once they have been contacted, will liaise with everyone to ensure this is the best option available. The first meeting will then be arranged and from there, a mediator will work with both parties towards a solution.

What would the benefits be for my workplace?

Workplace mediation is a service we are proud to offer as it benefits both employers and employees alike, since the process is quick, cost effective and avoids a decision being forced by the courts. Our team is passionate about finding practical solutions which preserve relationships, and if a mediator is contacted shortly after a disagreement there is an even greater chance of a positive outcome.

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